BoxGreen: July 2015 Box

Yikes, I have overdued posts for all my blogs. Just bear with me as I play catch up alright?

So here’s my comment post on my second BoxGreen snack box. The squirrels were feeling a little generous this July and added a little surprise in the box: a TEAISM wand. I wrote a review on the tea wands much earlier. If you want, you can check it out here.

I suppose it’s a cue to enjoy the snacks while sipping on some tea. 🙂

I forgot to make some changes to my list of snacks so I got another packet of Cranberry Fusion in this box. Well, but I found a use for this rather sweet snack. I add some of it to plain yoghurt. I’ve been trying to stay away from sweet food for the fear of getting gestational diabetes, so I’ve been eating plain yoghurt instead of flavoured ones. However, plain yoghurt is a bit unbearable for me who has 1) a sweet tooth 2) a dislike for food with a strong dairy taste. So I add a little sweetness to my plain yoghurt to make it taste a little better.

Other snacks in this box…

Berry Nut Mix: A nutty and fruity mix of walnuts, peanuts, cashew nuts, sultanas and cranberries. The sweet fruit kind of balance out the mild taste of the nuts. Also, I don’t know about you guys, but my jaw kinda hurts after munching on too many nuts. The fruits kind of give my jaw a break.

Original Soya Crisps: These need a bit of getting used to. They are a little hard if you’re used to the kind of light crisp in potato chips, but they can get a bit addictive. They remind me a lot of Sun Chips in terms of taste.

Onion Macademia Garlic (OMG!): OMG! indeed. These were what attracted me to BoxGreen in the first place. I crave the taste of garlic macademias ever since the first time I had them in Hawaii. Unfortunately, these don’t taste as good as those I ate in Hawaii. The ones bought in Hawaii under the Hawaiian Host brand, were a lot more light and powdery in taste. These were slightly buttery and heavier in taste. Good try though…they are still rather addictive.

There’s no special promotion going on now, but if you sign up for your first box with my special code, we both get $5 off. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a BoxGreen subscription and start snacking healthily.

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