Who manages this blog?
This blog is owned and managed by Elisia, who is a/an:

  • Japanese culture lover
  • Occasional lolita
  • Full-time homemaker
  • Rollercoaster junkie

What is this blog about?
I’ve been reviewing products for a while now and they used to be posted on my main blog. I felt that somehow the review entries simply did not gel with my other entries. It was totally off the feel of my main blog, so I decided to create a new blog for such entries.

Why is this blog called “VERY BEAUTY”?
I thought it would be fun to name my websites after songs by artistes I love. My main blog is called “REAL ME”, after Ayumi Hamasaki’s song. For this blog, I was trying to find a song title which is linked (in some way) to beauty. I finally settled on Berryz Koubou’s “VERY BEAUTY”. The subtitle is a line from Ayumi Hamasaki’s “how beautiful you are”.


[Updated on 12 January 2015]

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