I love drinking tea and this special ‘tea bag’ piqued my interest. It’s not even a tea bag. It’s a tea wand. Haha.

TEAISM is a product by Eu Yan Sang, and it stands for three things: healthy, functional and convenient.

All you need to do is just dip the wand into your cup of hot water, stir it a bit and you’re good to go.

Each  TEAISM wand is a high-tech recyclable diffuser that keeps the tea within, fresh and fragrant. The tea is  made using premium grade tea leaves from the best Taiwanese tea gardens in the world.

There are five flavours to enjoy:

  • Balance — green tea
  • Energise — fancy black tea
  • Protect — blueberry tea
  • Restore — osmanthus oolong tea
  • Comfort — ginger black tea

The tea wand is quite a cute thing. Aside from that, it actually lasted a couple of brews. Normal tea bags last for only about two cups. With TEAISM, I actually could drink four cups with one tea wand.

You can get TEAISM at Eu Yan Sang or my LIFE INC. Right now there’s an online promotion going on. $9 for a box of 15 tea wands. Usual price is $15. That’s 40% savings!

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