It has been some time since I made a post here, but I’m back to let you guys know about a relatively new subscription box service. Nope, it’s not another beauty box. It’s a box specially for ladies — specifically for menstruating ladies.

Yes, us ladies know that it’s one hell of a ride when we have our period. The cramps, the uncomfortable feeling of a leaky tap, the paranoia of staining clothes, etc.

BlissyBox tries to bring just a little bliss during that time of the month. No more running out to the store to stock up period supplies. You just make yourself comfortable at home and wait for your box of supplies to arrive at your doorstep.

It’s a monthly subscription service and all you have to do to get started is choose a plan from a list of six:

  • Lady Light
  • Duchess Regular
  • Queen Heavy
  • Madame Organic
  • Pads only
  • Tampons only

Because each lady has a different period cycle or preference of product, each plan comes with a different number/type of items that’s stated on the website. Customisation doesn’t stop there. After choosing your plan, you get to choose what items go into the box: tampons or pads, brands you like, type of tampon or pad. Next, BlissyBox tries to sync up with your period cycle so you will receive your box just before your period begins.

So what goodies come in the box? Of course, you get whatever period supplies you asked for. Besides that, you get some sweet treats to brighten your crummy day when you get your period. New subscribers do get an extra perk in their first box: a pouch to keep your period supplies.

Everything is neatly packed in the box and the best part of the box is the handwritten note that comes with it. It’s addressed to you. A simple and very sweet gesture.

A welcome note in my first box!

As BlissyBox is a monthly subscription service, you do have to choose a subscription plan that lasts three, six, or 12 months…or forever (until you say stop). What happens is that a PayPal recurring payment notice is set up, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay for your box. The only drawback comes when you want to stop the service before your subscription plan is up. You have to remember to inform them before payment is charged automatically.

I know you must be thinking why would someone stop such a fabulous service halfway through her subscription? Well, it did happen to me. Right after my first box, no less. I discovered I was pregnant. And we all know what that means. No period for the next nine months. Which also meant that I wouldn’t need pads or tampons for the time being.

No worries. Just drop them a note. It’s that simple.

I only informed them after I got charged for the next box, so I had to accept that one. What I’m about to tell you next is the extraordinary service by  BlissyBox. If you thought the handwritten note in each box is the only sweet gesture by them, you’re wrong.

My second box was due to arrive during the time I would be away on an overseas trip. I just asked if the box could be delivered when I was back. Yup, no problem with that! So I happily went off for my holiday. When I returned, I informed them and my box got delivered without a hassle.

This second box was special. Remember that handwritten note? This time it read:

Hey Elisia!

Wishing you all the best of luck on your pregnancy. May your 9 months be smooth & your baby healthy.

Love & Light,

I also got a little surprise in this box. A leopard-print eye mask with another handwritten note that read:

A mother of a newborn will definitely need her beauty sleep.
Sleep with style! =)

“Anna” did drop me a text message as well to check if I received the box. I thanked her for the sweet gesture of a present. She added that she hoped to see me back in the subscription loop after my pregnancy.

I got started on this service with just curiosity and with no intention of staying on long, but after all the thoughtful gestures, I’m really considering on keeping up with this subscription!

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