Purr-fect Sweets

Not really a beauty-related entry, but a review nonetheless…

If you haven’t noticed yet, Swensen’s is having a Hello Kitty dessert promotion! Couldn’t resist it, had to go try! (Would have been better if it were My Melody, but oh well…)

There are four desserts on the menu. Two parfaits, a waffle and ice-cream, and cake.

SO PINK! <3 SO MANY ICHIGO! Ichigo flavour? Thought so but nope. It’s either strawberry cheesecake or bandung flavoured ice-cream.

The menu

My sister, friend and I wanted to try all, but we were too full from our lunch to stomach more than two desserts. So, we decided to try the Merry Berry Kitty parfait and Purr-fect Waffle Dream.

Merry Berry Kitty

The parfaits come with an original Swensen’s Hello Kitty coaster. It’s really just a collectible card. We didn’t want it wet and soggy so when the waiter put the coaster on the table, my sister immediately grabbed it away. Shocked the waiter a little. Haha.

This parfait is made of strawberry cheesecake ice-cream with blueberry sauce and topped with whipped cream, strawberries and a chocolate Hello Kitty. It’s really cute! I found the ice-cream a bit sour though, not quite to my tastebuds.

Purr-fect Waffle Dream

We were a bit skeptical of the bandung-flavoured ice-cream that came with this dessert. Our last encounter with bandung ice-cream (not at Swensen’s) didn’t go down too well. However, Swensen’s bandung ice-cream was surprisingly good. It tasted more of rose syrup than milk, which was a good thing for me since I dislike anything with the strong dairy taste. It wasn’t too sweet too. The waffle was a little disappointing though. It wasn’t crispy. 🙁 Nevertheless, there was strawberry sauce drizzled all over the waffle and there was a cute chocolate Hello Kitty.

The other parfait that we didn’t try, comes with the same bandung-flavoured ice-cream and is topped with anko  (sweet red bean paste). The cake is a red velvet layer cake I think.

This promotion began on 1 February and will go on until 30 April. Each dessert is $12.50. So, if you love Hello Kitty, you cannot miss this!

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