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Thanks Mary Chia and The Sample Store for sponsoring the product.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body that is needed to maintain the structure and density of your skin. As time goes by (around our mid-30s), our skin loses the ability to produce enough collagen. That’s why at ages 35-55, the skin is less firm and wrinkles start to form. While you can get collagen from daily food intake like eating fish, that may not be enough.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with collagen supplements. Well, Mary Chia has come up with the MU Nutrition+ line of dietary supplements which includes the MU MIEUX Collagen beauty drink.

The MU Nutrition+ line of supplements addresses common concerns such as:

  • Pre-mature ageing dues to loss of collagen and key vitamins for skin and organs
  • Improve body’s detoxification abilities
  • Enhance gastro-intestinal health by introducing beneficial bacteria (Probiotics)
  • Improve  overall metabolism and blood circulation
  • Block/displace excess fat, sugars and carbohydrates consumed through daily diet
  • Enhance overall organ functions
  • Increase energy levels and vitality
  • Improve immunity

Each little bottle of MU MIEUX Collagen beauty drink contains:

BHN (Marine) low molecular collagen is proven in laboratory tests to be best absorbed by the body. In addition, Co-Q10, Ceramide and Vitamin C and E enhance skin hydration, elasticity and luminosity.

One bottle of MU MIEUX Collagen beauty drink per day before bedtime is all you need to maintain your skin’s optimum collagen levels. It is recommended to chill the drink before consumption. Shake the bottle well and consume all the content once opened.

The taste of the drink is actually very pleasant because of the apple extract. Yup, no fishy taste at all, just sweet sweet apple. It leaves you wanting more, but all you really need is one little bottle. Dang.

There’s a promotion for MU MIEUX Collagen beauty drink that’s pretty sweet. Get ONE box of MU MIEUX Collagen beauty drink at only S$88 (UP S$108). Each box has eight bottles of drink. BONUS PERK: Receive a complimentary collagen facial worth S$145 per session for the first 100 readers. All this is kindly sponsored by Mary Chia.

So what do you need to do to clinch this exclusive promotion? Call 1800 250 2001 and just quote ‘Sample Store Exclusive’ and my name (Elisia Phua). Remember that this promotion is only valid from 1 February – 31 March 2015 at any Mary Chia or Urban Homme outlet.

A bottle a day for youthful and supple skin! Good luck and cheers!

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