It all began with an email from The Sample Store announcing their event — a sneak preview of their new look. There were only 200 available slots to receive an invitation to the event and I was crossing my fingers that I’ll get it.

Got really excited when the invitation arrived.

Was really impressed that they actually printed my name on the invitation. That’s 200 personalised invitations…some effort there. Gotta give it up to the staff.

The event was held on Saturday, 20 September 2014 at Fullhouse Signature Cafe. I’ve been wanting to check out that cafe ever since I saw it being featured on another blogger’s site, so…just nice…got an opportunity to check it out!

After registration, I was given an awesome goodie bag filled with goodness (will show its contents later) and a play card.

There was an activity to be completed at each product sponsor’s booth. Each completed activity earned you a stamp. Three stamps to redeem a goodie bag (more great stuff!) and six stamps to enter the lucky draw. Some product sponsors were also selling their latest products at discounted prices. I would have bought some face masks at the My Beauty Diary booth but I have too many face masks already. As for Tsubaki, I just got the hair oil so not like I really needed anything more. The only product sponsor that I wanted to purchase from, NOV, was not selling their products at the venue. Dang. And the worst part was their products are only sold at Tokyu Hands in Westgate…so far!!! For other product sponsors, I would prefer to try out samples of their products first before purchasing anything. So, I didn’t purchase anything in the end.

There was some pretty cool stuff going on at the event too. Express makeover at Enavose’s booth, hair styling at Tsubaki/Ma Cherie’s booth and a skin type test at NOV’s. I tried the skin type test and found out that the oil and water ratio of my skin is not balanced. Not enough water but producing too much oil. Yea…quite obvious from my face. Been trying to combat the oiliness with shine free make up items but to no avail. Was recommended a line of items to try and balance the ratio. Sigh…gotta make a trip to Tokyu Hands some day.

It was kinda crowded at the venue and the queue for food was rather long. Of course, where there’s free food and samples, there’ll be kiasu aunties. Some even brought their kids in tow. *tsk tsk* It was quite obvious that they were there only for the free stuff. They weren’t bothered to learn about any products and shoved their way to get the stamps on the play card. I was so not motivated to get in queue for food so I didn’t in the end.

There was a photo booth and free instagram prints, but I didn’t get any. 🙁 Blame it on my VERY LATE sister. By the time she reached the venue and went round all the booths, the event was over and they had packed up. We only managed to get a shot with the standee.

I’m sure everyone’s curious about my awesome haul from the event.

There was a sure-win lucky dip at the belif booth and I got a 4-piece sample kit. I’ve used their aqua bomb moisturiser and it’s pretty good. Very light and not oily. Can’t wait to try the other products. Haha…sample-size products are good when going travelling. That’s the time I try all these products.

The awesome goodie bag I received during registration. Not all visitors got it; I think only the 200 who were originally invited. Other visitors got their invitations through a contest. Anyway, the goodie bag is packed with goodness. A lot of travel-size products. Unfortunately, the NOV travel kit that is included is not the range that was recommended for my skin type.

This is the smaller goodie bag I got from the play card. It’s in the new packaging. Took a picture of the old and new packaging so you can compare the difference. The use of white as the base colour is a lot more refreshing. Simple, modern and clean. Was even more amazed at how much stuff they managed to squeeze into the packet. Lol.

Thanks The Sample Store for the event! Guys, do look out for their new look that’s going to be rolled out soon!

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