Snapkis Premium Baby Travel Wipes

I received a pack of Snapkis Premium Baby Travel Wipes in the November 2015 Babies 1st Birthday Bash goodie bag. Meant to do this review way back but never got round to it.

I was a little undecided about the size of the packet at first. It’s bigger than the usual pocket packs of wet wipes, but I was sold while packing Emilee’s diaper clutch. You’ll soon see why…

The Snapkis wet wipes packet fit perfectly into the diaper clutch!

Being the kiasu mum I am, Emilee’s diaper clutch is packed to the max with essentials (e.g. diapers, set of clothing, changing mat, bib, roll of plastic bags, wet wipes, packet of dry tissues, small towel) making it rather fat. While the usual pocket pack of wet wipes is small and handy, the thickness makes it hard to fit in an overflowing diaper clutch. Not Snapkis. The packet contains 20 pieces of wet wipes, similar to most pocket-sized wet wipes, but the packet is flat. It fits perfectly! (I’m using the free diaper clutch by Similac.)

Each sheet is of good size, wetness and thickness.

Each sheet is 180mm x 200mm in size and about 5mm in thickness. The wipes are alcohol and paraben free, perfectly safe for baby’s skin. They also come in a honeycomb embossed design which is soft in texture.

Six key features of Snapkis wet wipes:

  1. Aloe vera extract
  2. Camellia Japonica flower extract
  3. Argan oil
  4. Portulaca Oleracea extract
  5. 6-level purified water system
  6. 70gsm premium embossed fabric
Emilee approves of it!

You can find the Snapkis wet wipes at Mothercare or Kiddy Palace. A packet of 20 wipes is sold at $2.90.

PS: Photos were taken some time ago. I have since changed my diaper clutch to Ju.Ju.Be’s Be Quick. The packet of wipes still fits perfectly.

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