One year on and The Sample Store is back to hold another event. This time, it was to launch their mobile app.

If you’re familiar with Scan Delight by Singapore Post, basically The Sample Store’s mobile app just takes over that app. The good thing is now you can check out and redeem all those samples you want on your phone when on the go.

Screenshots of The Sample Store mobile app.

The launch of the mobile app was held on 5 September 2015 at TripleOne Somerset, Maker’s Market. Thought the venue was much better than the previous choice. The space itself may not have been bigger but the layout was more open, providing more breathing room to navigate round the booths.

The event itself was on a slightly smaller scale with less brands taking part. The more notable brands were Cathy Doll, My Beauty Diary, Za and Ma Cherie. Some booths were offering services such as eye brow trimming, makeovers and hair styling. Pretty cool stuff going on. There were also discounts specially for bloggers for certain items.

Cathy Doll’s booth.
My Beauty Diary’s booth.
Za’s booth. Free makeovers were available at their booth.
I loved the pinkness of Ma Cherie’s booth. Here are the items for sale.

Hair styling at the Ma Cherie booth.
There was even a cute photo spot at the Ma Cherie booth.

There were a couple of freebies given out at some of the booths. All you had to do was follow their Instagram account and/or like their Facebook page.

There was good food and a photo booth at the venue as well. But this mummy was alone and wasn’t feeling up to it for a photo, so I skipped that. I didn’t skip the food though. It looked too yummy to resist! (Forgot to take pictures of the food!)

And of course, not forgetting the awesome goodie box that was given out to all attendees.

Not as extensive as the previous event’s goodie bag, but I’m not complaining!

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