[SR] Esemtan Skin Balm

I couldn’t be more overjoyed than to try out the Esemtan Skin Balm, especially after my Maldives trip where my skin took a beating from the sun. Thanks Schulke and The Sample Store!

The skin balm provides the skin with oil and moisture. It permeates deeply and rapidly absorbs into the skin with its oil-in-water emulsion, and supports and cares for the skin to protect it from drying. It also contains Urea as a moisturising agent that helps to speed up skin cell renewal.  No more dry and itchy skin!

In addition, the skin balm is dermatologically tested and is suitable for all skin types, even those with dry and sensitive skin.

To use the skin balm, apply a good amount to the back of your hand and spread it by rubbing gently. One back of your hand to the other back of your hand, and then the palms of your hands. It is recommended to use daily, morning and evening after each wash.

After application of this mild fragrance skin balm, my skin had a nice glowy sheen. It didn’t feel oily or sticky at all.

You can get the Esemtan Skin Balm at pharmacies like Guardian, Unity, Watsons, independent pharmacies (Pink Beauty, Beauty Essential) and BHG. A 500ml bottle retails at $20.

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