[SR] My Beauty Diary Black Mask

I’ve been a fan of My Beauty Diary face sheet masks, so when I heard they had a new product range, I was all eager to try it.

Introducing My Beauty Diary’s new black mask range! Yes, it’s new with an improved formula, features and packaging…and it’s BLACK! Very classy indeed. The enhanced mask range features a uniquely patented ingredient called Cosphingo, which has a long-lasting moisturising property for improved hydration of your skin. The black sheet mask  is made of high-quality fine and smooth cotton fibres from Japan, is extremely gentle on your skin, and its essences are absorbed easily by your skin. The best part is that it is free from harmful paraben preservatives, alcohol, mineral oil, pigments and fluorescent agents. Therefore, it is suitable for all skin types!

You should also take note that this black mask range contains 3D hyaluronic acid and yeast compound. The 3D hyaluronic acid forms a protective film over your skin to replenish and retain moisture, keeping your face hydrated. The yeast compound helps to tighten and regulate your skin tone, leaving you with a smooth and glowing complexion. The mask itself is made of conforming material that fits the contours of your face and neck (under chin) perfectly.

There are three variants in this range:

  • Black Obsidian Moisturising Black Mask
  • Black Rose Brightening Black Mask
  • Black Pearl Total Effects Black Mask

I always go for moisturising face sheet masks as my skin is quite dehydrated, so I was hoping to try the first variant. Was delighted that My Beauty Diary and The Sample Store had sent me that!

The Black Obsidian Moisturising Black Mask works to Nourish, Hydrate, Moisturise and Illuminate your skin.

Here’s the write up on the ingredients of the mask:

Rich in trace elements and minerals that restores healthy skin, French Black Obsidian helps support the skin’s protective mechanism and enhances the skin’s hydrating power. The infusion of Laminaria digitata and sugar maple delivers intense hydration to the deep layers of skin to improve dry skin texture, revealing renewed and brighter skin. Enriched with numerous soothing ingredients like Calendula officinalis, Licorice, and Ruscus aculeatus extracts to relieve dry, rough and irritated skin, the mask is also rich in Bladder wrack seaweed, Aloe vera, and hydrolysed Jojoba for improved hydration, allowing the skin to feel optimally nourished, revitalised with glowing luminosity!

Yes, the mask is black and yes, this looks like an unglam mug shot.

Despite using My Beauty Diary masks a lot of times now, I can’t for the life of me, remember what the texture feels like. But this black face sheet mask is da bomb! The mask is not paper thin, it actually feels smooth and…luxurious. Yea, like good quality stuff! AND IT ACTUALLY FITS MY FACE! I know my face is a little small, but it is extremely irritating when the eye and mouth holes don’t align with my eyes and mouth. This fits perfectly!

One  thing I really dislike are ear loops to support the under chin flaps. They are supposed to be helping to stretch your skin so that you don’t get saggy skin as you age, but I just absolutely hate having that wet feeling around my ears. This mask has the under chin flaps but no ear loops! Yay! You should know that the under chin flaps are something really good to have. They allow the essence to work its magic on your chin/neck, so you don’t have an uneven skin tone.

The face sheet mask wasn’t dripping with essence too. The amount was just nice — enough to keep your face hydrated, but not too much to end up creating a mess down your neck. Another important point for a good face sheet mask, in my opinion.

After usage of the mask for at least three times, I found my skin to be brighter, smoother and more hydrated. Not sure if you can see that through my photos (should have taken both under the same light), but trust me, it does work. My face does feel refreshed as I peel of the mask.

You can buy the My Beauty Diary Black Masks at Guardian, Sasa and Watsons for $16.90 (a box of five pieces).

And for a limited period of time, My Beauty Diary SG Facebook fans can get to try the Black Obsidian Moisturising Black Mask by redeeming a free sample in a ‘Group Redemption Deal’. This deal is valid only for the first 1,000 participating fans and will only be unlocked once 1,000 entries are received. Each of the 1,000 participating fans will receive one mask worth $3.95. So what are you waiting for? LIKE the My Beauty Diary SG Facebook page and take part in the deal!

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