[SR] Jergens Moisturising Body Lotion

Note: Photos are mirror shots as no one else was at home to help me take photos. >.<

Outfit? Check.
Make up? Check.
Looking and feeling cute? Check.

Everything’s in order and I’m ready to head out, but there’s one important thing that I forgot to check…

Smooth and hydrated skin? Uh oh.

Yup, that’s the one thing I’ve left unchecked for years. A quick feel of my arms and legs: rough. Urgh. Laziness is my enemy and I really should get the better of it.

That’s why when Jergens and The Sample Store offered me the chance to try out some body lotions, I jumped on without hesitation. What I received was not one, not two, but THREE bottles of Jergens moisturising body lotions to try. Wow.

These three are from the new moisturising collection by Jergens. Each lotion is designed to enhance and transform your skin for a noticeably improved look and feel. Specially formulated with a breakthrough Hydralucence blend, this new range of lotions will eliminate dullness and smooth away dryness, and create a continuous layer of moisture on your skin to prevent loss of hydration. Its long-lasting luminosity effect stems from the microscopic serum droplets in the product that forms a shield on the skin, giving it a healthy glow. So yes, with Jergens, you can achieve that hydrated, luminous skin that will make you feel beautiful inside out.

Here’s a rundown of each Jergens lotion:

  • Jergens Soothing Aloe (green)
    A refreshing moisturiser with cucumber extract and pure aloe vera. It revives skin for visibly more refreshed skin.
  • Jergens Daily Moisture (blue)
    An all-day moisturiser with silk proteins and citrus extracts for dry skin. It improves the texture of skin for visibly smoother skin.
  • Jergens Ultra Healing (orange)
    A moisturiser with vitamins C, E and B5 for very dry skin. It repairs skin for visibly healthier skin.

I tried all three lotions, but focused more on using the Ultra Healing lotion. All three lotions had distinct, pleasant fragrances, but I loved the fragrance of the Soothing Aloe lotion the best. The lotions did not feel greasy, but they did leave a slightly sticky feel. It wasn’t too bad though because after a while, the feeling went away. Unlike the other two, the Ultra Healing lotion has a thicker formula. This also means that the sticky feeling is a little stronger. I imagine it as a protective layer doing its magic of healing on my dry skin. I suppose if you really mind that feel, you can use the Soothing Aloe or Daily Moisture lotions in the day and Ultra Healing lotion at night.

After application of the lotion over one or two days, I could see and feel a little difference in the smoothness of my skin.

The Jergens moisturising body lotions will be available at leading supermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores around mid-February 2015. Each lotion comes in a 400ml bottle and will retail at $8.90.

Remember, clothing and make up is what you add on to enhance your beauty, but beauty really begins from within you. Healthy skin and hair will ultimately give you the confidence to shine.

A somewhat artistic mirror shot. Had to flip the image though so the words on the bottles would read correctly. XD


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