[SR] Asience Haircare Range

If you don’t already know it, Asience haircare range is formulated based on the Asian beauty philosophy — to restore the beauty of Asian hair from root to tip. As such, they are introducing an innovative haircare concept: the brand new power Beauty Serum.

The reformulated Beauty Serum contains the concentrated infusion of Argan Oil, Camelia Oil, Pomegranate extracts, and Rose, White Pearl and Lemongrass essences. The serum is designed to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, repairing it from within to give your hair three key signs of youthful vitality — softness, shine and smoothness.

The improved Asience haircare range comes in two variants:

  1. Inner Rich (yellow bottles) — for dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair
  2. Nature Smooth (blue bottles) — for oily scalp and tangled ends

No hesitation as to which variant I went for, which the kind people at Asience and The Sample Store gave me…

Asience Nature Smooth shampoo and conditioner

Yup, I have combination hair — oily scalp and super dry ends, so the Nature Smooth variant suited me best. The rich formula of this variant cleanses and repairs from deep within, hydrating hair for a light and smooth finish.

When I received the shampoo and conditioner, I was immediately struck by the shape and design on the bottles. They had this exquisite jewel-y feel…a bit princess-y? When I pumped out the formula, I was even more in love with it. The light fruity-floral fragrance lingers in your hair even until the next day.

I have used another brand of shampoo before that is supposed to combat my oily scalp. It worked too well in stripping off the oil that it ended up stripping off the moisture as well. With the Asience Nature Smooth shampoo, I got that sala sala (smooth) feel even while rinsing off the shampoo. That’s how I know my hair is being protected and moisturised. The conditioner also left the same sala sala feel at the ends — not as strong as I’ll like it to be but good enough nonetheless.

Dry and tangly ends before, smooth tame ends after.

After a couple of days of using Asience Nature Smooth, my hair ends improved much from the tangly sort to the tamer sort. Instead of a dry mess, each hair strand became more defined. The ends are still a little dry but I guess it should improve further with longer use the shampoo and conditioner.

My scalp is also less oily with the hair more light and airy.

The new and improved Asience haircare range is available at all leading supermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores. The shampoo and conditioner comes in two sizes: 200ml at $7.95 each and 480ml at $14.90 each. There’s also a treatment care 180ml tube for each variant and it retails at $12.90.

If you’re not too sure about purchasing it yet, you can get a free sample at The Sample Store to try it out first.

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