[SR] UUcare Crown Antibacterial and Cool Technology Sanitary Pads

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This is something for the girls. What do you look for when it comes to sanitary care products?

For me, the most important things are safety and comfort. I want products that are safe to use and with proper menstrual care, I can prevent bacterial infection from happening. Comfort is also very important. I often describe having menstruation as having an internal leaky tap where I have no control over. It is an uncomfortable feeling, so the last thing I want to worry about is unsightly leaks and having to waddle around like a duck because there’s something stuck between my legs.

Fortunately for us girls, there’s UUcare Group Singapore Pte Ltd which designs products that will meet our sanitary care needs. Their product design concept focuses on the three Gs:

  • GUARD — To protect women during menstrual period
  • GERMPROOF — Women can better take care of themselves by using antibacterial pads
  • GRATEFUL — To feel more comfortable and healthier during your period

In particular, UUcare sanitary pads have some unique points that will put your mind at ease when choosing sanitary care products:

  • Antibacterial
    UUcare products are certified by SGS International to be fully antibacterial. The surface of the sanitary pads have gone through an antibacterial process which prevents smell and the growth of germs.
  • Non Flourescer
    Whitening agents are not used on the sanitary pads. This is VERY important as flourescer from the pad’s adhesive can get stuck to your panties and can reach your uterus through sweat and bodily secretions, causing gynaecological diseases.
  • Breathable and Soft
    With the usage of 3D weaving technology and pure cotton cover, the sanitary pads feel smooth and soft.
  • Patented Funnel Shape
    Allows faster absorption.

There are two ranges of UUcare sanitary pads…

UUcare Crown Antibacterial

Pads in this range contain antibacterial properties that keep you protected for more than 12 hours, such that odours are eliminated and the growth of bacteria is reduced. As such, these pads are secure for longer use.

The pads are wrapped up simply and nicely. Yup, these come with the tape which makes it easier to dispose of used pads.

The pads also have right-angled wings so the pad fits closely to your panties and prevents rubbing against your thighs. Check out the patented funnel shape guides for faster absorption and to prevent leaks!

The surface of the pad is cottony soft. This is very important. I hate having that scratchy feeling against my skin and some other pads do cause that!

The panty liners come individually wrapped. Very easy to carry around.

One thing that’s different about UUcare’s panty liners is that it’s thinner compared to other brands. You know how people talk about the “barely there” feel of sanitary care products. Yup, that’s it.

UUcare Cool Technology

The fast water retention of pads in this range makes the pad surface dry and comfortable when used. No icky wet feeling down there…that’s good!

The pads come with a pearl-like bump surface. Each pearl is hollow at the bottom so that fluids can be absorbed completely, greatly reducing the contact of fluids to skin. Again, the pads are cottony soft which is what I like!

The panty liners in this range didn’t seem to have much visible difference to the ones in the other range.

Pads come in 24cm, 28cm, 32cm and 36cm sizes for both ranges. You can get UUcare sanitary pads from Watsons, John Little, NTUC, OG and Nishino Pharmacy. (Pssst…the last I checked, they also cost about a dollar less than other brands. Cost savings…woohoo!) Or you can redeem a free sample at The Sample Store.

There are also other sanitary care products under UUcare. Do check them out on Facebook and don’t forget to “like” them too!

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